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Dear Customer:
In terms of the provisions of articles 15 and 16 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the "Law") and the Regulations to the Law (the "Regulations"), we inform you that all the personal data that is collected by VALENTIN PLAYA DEL SECRETO, SA DE CV, and / or any of its affiliated or subsidiary companies, (Hoteles Valentin), with address at Carretera Federal 307, Chetumal-Puerto Juárez Quintana Roo, Kilometer 311 + 500, Post Code to 77710, in the Municipality of Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, (including name, marital status, age, sex, nationality, home address, billing information, credit and / or debit and / or promotional card numbers, telephones, email, accommodation preferences, special requirements, etc. ) may be collected in different ways: when the information is provided directly by you; when you visit the Internet sites of Hoteles Valentin; When you use the services offered by Hoteles Valentin online by the data that you authorize Hoteles Valentin to take from its social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google) or by connecting to the Wi-Fi that Hoteles Valentin, if applicable, offers you; and when we obtain information through means other than those indicated above and that are permitted by applicable laws, they will be used, as appropriate, for the following purposes:

• Reception and registration of guests.
• Provision of hosting services.
• Provision of restaurant services.
• Provision of banquet services.
• Provision of event organization services.
• Provision of tourist and commercial services in general. Billing.
• Charging credit and / or debit cards for services provided by Hoteles Valentin.
• Evaluations and surveys of quality and satisfaction of services.
• Sending promotional information, either by documentary or electronic, related to the products and services offered by Hoteles Valentin.
• In general, for the provision of the services offered by Hoteles Valentin and its affiliated companies and / or subsidiaries.

Your personal data collected by Hoteles Valentin will be duly protected in accordance with the security, administrative, technical, and physical provisions established in the Law and its Regulations to protect said personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or its use, access, or unauthorized disclosure and will be treated under the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, responsibility, security and confidentiality provided for in said Law and Regulations.

In addition, we inform you that Hoteles Valentin does not obtain personal data that are considered by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals as sensitive personal data. For such purposes, sensitive personal data is understood to be personal data that affects the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose misuse may give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk for it.

Sensitive personal data is considered to be personal data that affects the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose improper use may give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk for it. Those that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present, and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions, sexual preferences, are considered sensitive. Hoteles Valentin does not collect sensitive personal data in case you require a specific service for which you provide this data, Hoteles Valentin will use them only to provide said service and meet your specific needs.
In the event of a health emergency (s), Hoteles Valentin, in terms of the applicable regulations, will collect data regarding your state of health with the sole purpose of achieving the health protection of you and of the other people who are in the hotel, information that will only be kept for the time necessary to fulfill this purpose.

Hoteles Valentin informs you that the personal data collected from you may be transferred to entities of the same interest group of the company or those with which it has signed hotel operation contracts, franchise or similar, and / or third parties, national or foreign, solely for the purpose of fulfilling the purposes for which said personal data has been provided.
Also, Hoteles Valentin informs you that, in terms of the provisions of Article 28 of the Law, you have the right to Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition of your personal data, for which it is necessary that (i) send a request regarding the personal data that belongs to you in terms of the provisions of Articles 29 and 31 of the Law, addressed to our Department of Protection of Personal Data, located at Federal Highway 307, Chetumal-Puerto Juárez Quintana Roo, Kilometer 311 + 500, Postal Code 77710, in the Municipality of Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, with attention to the person in charge of the Department of Personal Data Protection, (ii) call + (52) 984 206 36 60, or (iii) send an email to ecommerce@ Furthermore, you may revoke your consent for the processing of your personal data by sending a request in this regard through the established channels in this paragraph.
This Privacy Notice may be modified at any time by Hoteles Valentin and the respective modifications will be available for consultation at

If Hoteles Valentin does not receive your express opposition for your personal data to be treated in the manner and terms described above, it will be understood that you have given your tacit consent to do so.


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Hoteles Valentin reserves the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time, to reflect the entry into force of new regulations or internal policies. These modifications will be available through the following channels: visible advertisements in our establishments, website, or by email. If you do not agree with these modifications, you should send an email to:, requesting the cancellation of your personal data.

In the event of Hoteles Valentin, does not receive your express opposition for your personal data to be treated in the manner and terms described above, it will be understood that you have given your consent.

Date of last update: February, 2021

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